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2nd post

I'm going to Chicago next week with my family but we're only staying for 3 days because my parents and my siblings think we've done "everything" there. Honestly, I never get sick of that city, just being there makes me feel alive. Compared to this crappy southern city of Atlanta, it does so much more for me. I was hoping to visit a friend while I was there but apparently she's too far away and not to mention my family is into having "family time" all the god damn time (even though I don't really enjoy their company a single bit.) that I never really get the chance to have a say or get "what I want." I guess I sound selfish, and a spoiled brat but it just sucks is all. I just can't wait for the day I can move out and not have to deal with their conservative religious mindset, have a good amount of money, and do whatever the hell I want to do. 

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