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4th post

I got back from Chicago last night, and I didn't get home around 1AM and had to empty out space from my phone because i ended up having 9 gigs of just straight up pictures and videos. (i know crazy right?) I was a bit sad I couldn't really meet up with a friend from tumblr I had over there but since I was with family they wouldn't have been happy since we were on a "family" vacation. I can't wait for the day when I can travel with a friend, or on my own even. The only problem is that shit like that is expensive, so when I have enough money on my own I'd love to go and do a summer trip in these cities: Chicago, New York (specifically Manhattan &Brooklyn area), L.A.(hopefully move there in the future for optometry school), and I guess maybe P.C. -- The best part of the trip was the shopping because we also went to Minneappolis and bought stuff from the Mall Of America. I got these really great blazers from Banana Republic & Charming Charlie's which is just perfect<33 A bunch of tops from Banana Republic, skinny jeans,and another top from Old Navy. I'm very grateful that my Dad could pay for all this great stuff. I'm gonna empty out my closet and donate a bunch of my clothes to Good Will or the Salvation Army (that's if I can tear away from my awful laziness and do so). Now that I'm in college I want a more "mature" wardrobe if you say. It's not that I'm trying to "grow up" faster, but I just want to be recognized as more of a "young woman" then just a "little girl". Speaking of college, I still have to order textbooks. Luckily, only one out of the five classes i'm taking doesn't require a textbook and that's Philosophy. So that's gonna be a royal pain in the ass for me. As far as college goes as weird as this sounds but I hope I make more friends that I can actually like stay connected too. I don't really like being that "shy girl" in the corners that always "mad" when really it's just my face..?? High School I just kinda talk with a bunch different people but wasn't close to anybody...at all. since the people i was close to graduated a year earlier before I did and sucked big time. I'm trying to be more optimistic you might say? I've been pretty negative my whole life but I'm gonna try and have a little "happy" in my life for once. I'm only 18, and there shouldn't feel alone all the damn time. Anyways, Eid is tomorrow so i'll have to go to prayer early in the morning. Depending what time my parents wake up really -_-. 

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