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A random guy paid me a compliment and why it was okay




So, in starbucks today, a random guy came up to my and told me I was very pretty and nice eyes.

And, as a feminist, I was okay with it.

Because he did it correctly.

He stood four feet away from me and started out with “excuse me” and waited until I nodded before approaching. He then introduced himself and we shook hands and then he gave a compliment and went on his way.

He didnt catcall. He didnt harass. He didnt use inappropriate language. He asked for permission.

Take note, gentlemen.

i just loved the fact that he actually WAITED for her CONSENT

BEFORE approaching her

and not only that

he didn’t sexualize her

i mean

finally, someone gets it

I feel like this is important to share, because we get so much shit from guys who are like “so what, we can’t EVER compliment a woman without it being harassment??”  No.  No one said that.  I have received compliments and I have received street harassment, and I promise you I can tell you which is which.

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